What’s available and what are the prices?

On each community page you’ll see a Pricing & Availability tab. Click these links for the most recently posted information. NOTE: This information is updated once per week. Please call our leasing offices for the latest information.

How do I apply?

Each adult (18 years or older) will need to submit an application (download here or visit our leasing office) along with a check for a non-refundable application fee ($40 per adult), and a separate check for the security deposit. We will then contact you after reviewing your information. The security deposit will be refunded in the event your application is not approved.

How much is the security deposit?

Security deposits vary depending upon which community you are applying for, and how many tenants will be on the lease. View the security deposit information by clicking the Security Deposits tab of each community page.

What are the criteria for acceptance?

Each adult tenant must have verifiable income of at least 3 times the monthly rent. This requirement is waived for full time college students attending a local college. Additionally, a credit and background check will be performed on all prospective tenants.

What utilities will I be responsible for?

It depends on which of our apartment communities you reside at. On each community page you will see a Utilities tab. Click this link for the utility information.

Are pets allowed?

Advance Properties maintains a no-pet policy with the exception of Wyndham Flats.

Can I let another person move in or take over my lease?

Subletting is not allowed; however, you may take on a roommate provided that person completes an application and is approved by our staff. If you need to leave before your lease expires, you may refer a new tenant to move into your apartment, thereby limiting amounts you would otherwise owe on the lease. The new tenant must complete an application and be approved.

What if I need to break my lease?

We understand that circumstances can arise where you cannot meet your lease obligations. In such a case we strongly encourage you to meet with us so that we can work out a solution. Vacating the unit without notifying us will only create more financial burdens. A mutual agreement is in the interest of both parties.

What if I get transferred by my employer?

We offer a job transfer clause for an additional $20 per month (payable with your rent). When you execute your lease let the leasing agent know if you wish to take advantage of this option. Certain requirements will apply. You may add or drop this option at the next renewal of your lease. Transfers of military personnel receive special consideration by law, provided the transfer is for active duty.

Do you offer student discounts?

Yes, Advance Properties offers a student discount to any college student who is taking 12 credit hours or more at one of our local college campuses. The Student Discount is applied to your account and would take care of your last month’s rent on your initial lease contract. You would need to provide a class schedule and a student I.D. at the time of lease execution and the last month’s rent is waived.

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